Attending a Live/Virtual Yoga Class

Tips + Tools for Success

We all want to be successful. Here are some tips and tools to make your experience one of joy and ease when attending a live, virtual yoga class. 

  • Be Early. Arrive 10-15 min early to class, just as you would when attending a class at a yoga studio. This gives you time to get your device set up, your settings adjusted, and yourself comfortable as you settle in for class.
  • Trust Yourself. Even if this is your first yoga class ever, remember, this is your practice. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to ‘see’ the teacher from every angle…you can’t in the studio either. Close your eyes, breathe, and allow yourself to find your way. Know that you are capable, nothing is perfect–start where you are, and your practice will meet you there. 
  • Bring Props. You may wish to support yourself through the use of pillows, bolsters (rolled up bath towels work well as a stand in), a belt or strap, a block, or a cushion, and a mat or blanket. We will talk through when and how to utilize props during the class.
  • Prepare Yourself. Take a few minutes before class to transition. Smudge or mist a hydrosol, or essential oil blend to clear your energy field and calm your mind. You may wish to light a candle to begin your practice, and extinguish it to signify the end of your practice.
  • Prepare Your Space. You do not need a yoga/meditation room to begin. Start where you are at. Do a light pick up and physical clearing of your space…even if it’s just enough to lay down your mat or blanket ;). Energetically clear your space by smudging or diffusing essential oils where you intend to practice,  light an unscented candle if you like, dim your lights, and play some soft relaxation music or nature sounds if it helps you to quiet your mind and spiral inward. 
  • Video is Optional. Did you know? You do not have to be seen by others unless you want to be visually present in the circle. You may turn your video on or off in your settings. You will be automatically muted as the class begins, so you also do not have to worry about having a quiet household or space. 
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes. Pj’s are fine. As are ‘yoga clothes’.  For some getting “dressed” for class helps them to prepare, and for others lounge wear helps to signify a wind down at the end of the day. Pick your path. Wear clothes that are comfortable to you and allow movement. There is no dress code here. One thing to remember is that you will be gently bending and twisting in your practice, so be mindful of how your clothes move with you as you do so.
  • Hydrate. Have a water bottle, or your favorite herbal tea blend handy to sip on as you move through your practice, and especially afterward. Hydration helps the body to move toxins through the system, which yoga helps to clear. Hydration sets you up for success. 
  • Ask Questions. There will be time after class to ask any questions that may arise during your practice, or seek support for your personal practice. If in doubt, ask. 

If there is anything further that would support you in attending a yoga class with me, or if you are not sure and have any questions, concerns, or curiosities… please reach out, let’s chat.