Abundance and The Serviceberry



Circle of Giving.

Gift Economy.



Nature teaches us that this is the way. We live in a circle of giving. Each of us. Creation gives freely of herself, giving her gifts away in exchange for your gifts. Gifts of gratitude, gifts of caring and nurturing the land and her creatures. Reciprocity. How do you give back? What are your gifts that you are willing to share to enter the circle of giving?  This is what I have been feeling into, asking in quiet prayer, and ceremony.  Hearing the call that whispers on the winds…there is another way to live. 

Abundance, deep and wide. Heart open, giving freely of the gifts that creator has given us. This is the Spirit that lives within each of us, the building of relationship, entering into connection, community. A leap of faith to step into the spiral of giving. Understanding that each of us has more than enough to give, that we all have gifts to share freely and give away, knowing that the abundance will come back to us in bigger, brighter, joy-filled ways nurturing and sustaining our Spirit as well as our wellbeing. 

We are transitioning. Re-membering the fractured pieces of societies quieted,  lost, and stolen away, thieves in the night. The ancient wisdom teaching is still there, still here, mother earth, and the grandmothers know, they gently shake us awake and say “Listen, child, there is more to know.”  listen… listen…listen…

Listen to the birds, the wind, the flowers, and trees, all of creation sings the same story. Abundance. Reciprocity. The Circle of Giving. The Gift Economy. Relationship. The Web of Community and Care. 

The birds outside my window at the feeder, enjoying the gift of the sunflower to nurture and sustain them through the cold of midwinter, freely and abundantly give their song, their teachings, their company. I have entered into relationship with the sunflower and her grower, the farmer who provides them, as well as the birds and critters who are nurtured and sustained by them. They in turn give to the land, the gift of seed, where rouge sunflowers pop up in spring beneath the feeder to give their life back into the circle, the cycle of reciprocity, of giving. The practice of exchange, in service to each other.  

Midwinter thins the veil. We enter into the dark, the void, the wombspace, if you will. It is a time of quiet, of inner work and reflection, if we honor her call, if we honor the darkness of the season, the quiet rhythm. It is a sacred pause. It is a time to listen, the time of story, and if we are truly and deeply present, a powerful time to learn and receive the teachings. This is from where my Spirit Table has sprung. Listening to the whispers of abundance, to honor and give back in deep, loving, gratitude. It is in honor of the land that I am blessed to steward. It is in honor of the creatures and spirits of the woods where I share my home, both seen and unseen. And now the Spirit Table gives back the teachings of abundance and reciprocity. I give what I have to offer, I share my gifts, enter into the cycle, and Spirit gently nurtures me with stories of the land, of her creatures, she shows me her abundance, she shows me the way. 

So in this Midwinter season, as I feel deeply into how to share my gifts, how to find my way, I am being guided to a rhythm of sharing, of gift, of offering, and of receiving, one of a cyclical way of being connected to the bigger web of relationship and community. This is who I am. With quiet faith I step gently into the circle of giving and I offer my gifts. 

The Midwinter Yoga Class begins today. I am joyfully ready to share in this space, and I am being called to share even more deeply. Each week there will be a drawing for those who are registered for the class. The gift is a one hour holistic yoga session with me. One to one. To nurture and sustain your wellbeing through the season. We may talk about herbs for supporting your journey, and your health, as well as any other things that you are navigating on your current path. I am here with you. 

I am also introducing The Serviceberry Yoga Circle. This is my gift of gratitude. It will be a free community yoga circle available to all. No barriers. It will be a chair class focusing on breathwork and gentle movement that is appropriate for elders, children, and everyone between.  It can be done at an office desk, in a lunch room, your living room, or quiet space. It is up to you. The intention is community care. It will help to strengthen your immune system, nurture your body and spirit with breath, and keep you well through the season. There will also be a giveaway, a gift, with each class. At the end of the session I will draw one name to send an herbal tea blend, or wild rice, or another herbal creation that I can nurture you with through gift. 

The Serviceberry Circle will begin next week to give time to share the goodness with all. 

In love and gratitude,