Silent No More

Listen to the written word become spoken in my own voice, in the player above. Feel the vibration of the holy undoing, the birthing, the becoming…

Silent No More


Silence speaks nothing. Or it says everything.

Silence separates. 

Silence divides. 

Silence is deadly.

Silence from a white skinned woman speaks of compliance. There comes a point of awareness where one cannot be silent any longer; when she must trust the wisdom of her heart, and her voice. When she must learn to be courageous and wildly vulnerable, naked and stripped bare to the truth. When we must begin to trust one another and welcome each other back into right relationship, into a kinship of wholeness. To find our way forward together, we must learn to use our voices and hearts to begin to build bridges and speak life into each and every sacred one of earth’s children. We must open the eyes and ears of our hearts to see and hear each other. We must envision a way through, a way to a life that affirms for all, a life that elevates all, an abundant life that gathers us all, circling hearts around one another. 

How do we come together as a people of shared humanity if we cannot recognize the dehumanizing marginalization, deprivation and destruction of our brothers and sisters, our fellow humans? Can we open our hearts to see it, even though it’s painful to begin to understand how we may have inadvertently contributed to the devastation of Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color by sitting silently by, complying by accepting a system that is designed around it? A system that is designed to let one race rise, and keep others small. These are the birth pangs calling our attention through difficult and painful times, but we must not turn away and wall off our hearts to one another or the process of becoming, of birthing a new way. We must come together and ask each other, What do you need? How can I support you? How can I hold space for you so that all may be heard and begin to heal? How can I use the eye of my heart to see your perspective? There are many voices in one world, and we need them all to sing the fullness of our collective song.  

I will stay silent no more. 

You are seen in all your glorious ebony, or coffee-colored skin, varying shades of nature, your shining eyes, and beautiful hair.  Deep, Indigenous roots that belong to the earth. I see you walking your path, through death, despair, desert, famine and drought, through war, torn families split apart, striving, trying to cling onto hope, and keep on walking, keep on waiting. Feeling into a space, waiting for the storms to pass, the wind to stop ravaging and eroding, roots deep and holding on. 

You are heard. 

Many voices rising together, singing the song of a long and strong ancient ancestral lineage calling us all back home to our hearts. Voices loud and rising, raging against injustice, awakening us to awareness, demanding that the song be heard. Voices melodic, love filled lullabies, soft heart music singing us into our center. The time is now. It has been too long. Hear the invitation to come to the circle, to commUNITY and sing. Let us raise our voices together in melodic harmony to sing ourselves back to home. 

You are valued. 

There is so much of your wisdom and love that is needed to guide us back into relationship an interconnectedness, a way of being/becoming wholeness, commUNITY, into a way to live that no longer divides, or separates, but instead welcomes all open arms, open hearts into the circle, into kinship with the cycle, into reciprocity and elevates all within. Belonging is asking us for the contribution of our gifts, unique to each of us, to contribute to the collective abundance and wellbeing. 

You are appreciated and needed. 

To create and birth an inclusive world for the next seven generations, to untangle the threads of ancestral trauma to find our way through a holy undoing. Your stories, your songs, your wisdom, your teachings hold the keys to unlock the door to our humanities heart’s path. The desire to move forward together cannot be driven by any individuality, but rather by a Oneness + Unity of all, a collective desire to spiral within and create a beautiful path together. 

You are loved. 

The love in creation is the only way forward. Re-membering wholeness, learning to love ourselves, our unique gifts, embracing and welcoming back the broken shards of soul pieces glittering in our dark spaces, waiting to once again be aligned, allowing the rainbow light to concentrate in the center of our star being to shine bright once again, honoring the two-spirited and the fluid the yin and yang of inner nature. Learning how to connect at heart level, and then going deeper, into the womb space. The womb by Re-MOTHERING, by re-membering the mother love, the deep ancestral vibration rising up from within the earth, reconnecting within her deep loving presence, by reconciling and healing the Self through nature. Through nurture.  Listen to the inner child of our being crying out for belonging, and going deep into the darkness of the mother womb, remembering the iridescence within, seeing the light in the dark.  Re-membering how to be nurtured and held safe in warm, loving space, re-membering our wholeness, our connectedness, re-membering how to nurture and create commUNITY again. The blueprint, the cosmic star map is within. Feel the Amniotic waves ripple out with the pain of each contraction, bringing us closer to a birthing of a new humanity that gathers all her children at her breast. Lean into divine love, understanding that this is what holds the golden threads of creation, wafting and weaving with each breath. Breathe into the waves as they rise up, dive deep within her earthly womb to find the cosmic, divine light that shines in us all, the rising star waiting to shine through and connect us to constellations of love. 

Trust yourself 

Be silent no more. 

Trust enough to begin. Trust that your brothers and sisters, that we know the way. Remember, the blueprint is within. Trust that the only way through, is through. Trust the birthing process, trust your voice, your inner wisdom and deep knowing. Trust enough to extend your open hands and heartspaces in service. Give freely of your gifts, trusting that the patterns of nature, of nurture, the blueprint, your inner wisdom and light, trust that your divine connection, will guide and nurture you in return. Trust in a path of abundance, in your worthiness to receive, spiral in to spiral out, as we all breathe new life into humanity.

Trust your open heart and be ready, for the journey has just begun.  

I will be silent no more.