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Nurture & Nourish Yoga Session 2

We embark on the next Yoga Journey Thursday February 11, 2021. We begin to prepare to meet the rising light and the new growth of spring as we move into the next phase of seasonal transition. Self love and deep self care pave the way to connect deeper into the phase of creativity and passion…

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Silent No More

Listen to the written word become spoken in my own voice, in the player above. Feel the vibration of the holy undoing, the birthing, the becoming… Silent No More Silence. Silence speaks nothing. Or it says everything. Silence separates.  Silence divides.  Silence is deadly. Silence from a white skinned woman speaks of compliance. There comes…

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Abundance and The Serviceberry

Abundance.  Reciprocity. Circle of Giving. Gift Economy. Relationship. Community. Nature teaches us that this is the way. We live in a circle of giving. Each of us. Creation gives freely of herself, giving her gifts away in exchange for your gifts. Gifts of gratitude, gifts of caring and nurturing the land and her creatures. Reciprocity.…

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