Meet Me



Meet Me

My name is Wendy Snobl. I am a registered yoga teacher at the 200 hour level, through the Yoga Alliance, an international yoga accreditation organization.  I took my yoga teacher training in 2007-2008, becoming internationally certified in hatha yoga, on February 6, 2008.

I have personally been practicing yoga for 22 years, and actively teaching for ten years.  I also chose to deepen my knowledge and understanding of many yogic paths by taking an Integration Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 at the 200 hour level which I did not seek certification for.  This time of study and personal transformation allowed me to learn and explore in greater depth the many different yogic paths of wisdom including, kundalini, hatha, iyengar, vinyasa, fitness, and naam yogas, along with contemplative awareness (yoga healing), western anatomy, and sound therapy yoga.  I also have training and experience in the healing arts of, SatNam Rasayan, reiki, and chakra/energy healing modalities.

I bring my depth of knowledge and wisdom from my own path of experience, as well as the training I have sought out.  There is a sacred connection between student and teacher, that I seek to honor that in all I do.  I am sensitive to the energtic flow that surrounds us and the many forms and levels healing can take.  I am an active guide to help you align with your true self, meet your goals, and nurture your inner wisdom.  I have personally experienced the tremendous healing power that is yoga, and am fully prepared to share that with you.

Allow me be your guide.


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