Allow me be your guide.

I am now offering, through this space, yoga coaching, teaching, guidance, and soul mentoring for you.  Allow me to help you learn how yoga can uplift, elevate, and unite you with your true self.  Perhaps you are ready to develop a personal practice, tailored custom just for you to help you achieve your goals.  I can create that with you. Or perhaps you already practice yoga,  I can help you expand your existing practice through speaking with you and listening to what it is you wish to support through your practice.  Maybe you are ready to begin to learn how meditation can work in your life.  I am here to support you and help you find your starting place.

Perhaps you would like to go deeper and learn how to connect to the sacred divine within you.  Allow me to accompany you on your soul’s journey to embrace the life you envision creating.  Together we will explore what it is you desire most, learn to connect and nurture your authentic self, bravely break through any blocks or barriers that may be holding you back, experience your sacred soul, and divine connection, all while learning the language  of your body, and uncovering the messages she is speaking to you.  Using the wisdom of yoga we are able to access our divinity, listen to our body, and unite you with your authentic highest self.

Wherever you are, I can meet you there. 


How can I be of service?

Yoga Coaching & Soul Mentoring

We begin with an easy conversation.  A chat over coffee or tea, via Skype or telephone.  A meeting between two sacred sisters, to get to know each other, learn what it is we would like to create together, and how I can best support you.  Contact me via email to schedule a time for a meeting.  Allow for one hour to chat and work together.  $125


Your Sacred Personal Practice

Once we have met and talked about your soul’s journey, and what it is you desire most,  I will create a custom yoga/meditation practice designed to meet you right where you are in this very moment, that will serve and nurture your highest self.  I will contact you again to go through your new practice together via Skype (if possible), make any necessary adjustments, and create a video of your sacred personal practice that you will have to guide you along on your path.  $650

Please feel free to contact me via email with any further discussion, questions, or inquiry regarding my offerings as a teacher, coach, mentor, and guide.

Yoga literally means to ‘yoke’ or unite.  It brings balance into our life, allows us to expand and experience the present moment, becoming witness to our own sacred inner journey.  It helps our body to relax, heal, release stress, and realign, which in turns works on an inner emotional level healing and revealing to us our authentic self.   Yoga allows us to create new patterns in thought and action, and helps us express our true nature.  In all,  yoga allows us to be aligned and connected to the sacred soul we are created to be.  Through this practice we can reveal what it is that we need to heal, and how to rise up out of trauma, negativity, loss, and everyday stresses to reveal our intuitively joyful nature, our purpose, and our passions in this life.

Yoga elevates our beings into light, which is our natural state.