LoveMade Christmas

As darkness slowly gives way to gradual light this morning, the second kettle of the day sends it’s shrill whistle near bursting at the seams, steam and holler permeates the quiet stillness that surrounds.  Snow gently floats from sky above to touch the receiving earth waiting below.  The hens are playing it safe, staying within the confines of the cozy coop,…

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Surrendering All

Morning dawns long and slow these days of deep fall.  Overcast skies have kept us quiet in the early morning hours longer than usual.  The bustling energy of the season is shifting to one of drawing in, drawing close, layers of quiet blanketing our old farmhouse enveloping us all in a gentle embrace. Mornings are…

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Letting Go

The Sky broke Crimson in the evening, with wisps of golden light illuminating the pasture.  Purple blooms glowed softly alongside brilliant gold, warm ivory, and a full spectrum of green played amongst the ground, whispering in the wind a gentle embrace rising up from the earth to cradle a tender heart.   I knelt close…

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Holy is there

You may be wondering what all this wholehearted, spiritual mumbo jumbo has to do with homesteading. Let me explain. It is in the everyday ordinary, in the simplifying, in the refining of priorities that I find peace. That I feel God. There is a spiritual current that runs deep in living and working close to…

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Wholehearted Living

What does it mean to live wholeheartedly? It means showing up everyday, being vulnerable, open, willing to fail, but wanting to put it ALL on the line anyway.  It means that we expose our tender spots so that we can connect deeply with others.  If we cannot show any tenderness from our own hearts, if…

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It seems the world could use a little more grace today.  As we open our hearts collectively as a country, as a community, as families, as individuals, we work together to raise the energetic vibration.  Rise above adversity.  Rise above violence.  Raise your voices in prayer.  Count your blessings.  Share your gifts.  Forgive what needs…

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“Blessings keep our awareness of life’s holy potential ever present.  They awaken us to our lives…..with each blessing uttered we extend the boundaries of the sacred and ritualize our love of life.  One hundred times a day, everywhere we turn, everything we touch, everyone we see.  The blessings can be whispered.  No one even need hear.  No one but the Holy One.  ‘Holy One of blessing, Your presence fills the Universe, Your presence fills me.’ “

~excerpt from One Thousand Gifts Devotional, by Ann Voskamp

Easter Miracle & Blessing

Spring awakens creativity.  What better time to enjoy the flow than Easter.  We decided to ‘get our Easter on’ on Good Friday.  This year, has been a little precarious to make big plans, with just launching into springtime schedules, Hubby’s workload has been a bit heavy, and Mama’s just trying to figure out how to make it…

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We each have a plan and a purpose.  We walk this earth for a reason, for such a time as this.  We were created with uniqueness, beauty, joy and gifts that belong only to us.  We are given the gift of life to fulfill creativity, to bring it into fruition, the one of a kind gift that is your soul’s journey.  It…

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Spring Cleaning Our Homes and Hearts

I can smell it in the air, spring.  Inhale, drink in the promise, the hope of spring.  There is more light, the sun is gaining power.  You can stand in the rays now, and feel a penetrating warmth.  Nature is bringing forth a new beginning.  Birthing through the darkness, you can feel it starting to…

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