Making Coconut Milk

I choose to elevate both my mind and body through beautiful nourishing whole foods. Natural homemade coconut milk is a refreshingly light, dreamy milk that pairs beautifully with fresh herbs and the tastes of summer.  Whether imbibing in coconut milk straight up, or on the rocks with fresh chocolate mint muddled into a fabulous summer…

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Banana Cashew Milk

I choose joy. I choose to gently nourish my body. Since the loss of my beloved Miss Coco, I have chosen to once again embrace plant based milk.  Without my beautiful raw milk, I am in a position to either let go of milk completely, or plow fully head on into the wonderfully wide world of…

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Celebrate Summer

Find Joy. Take the less traveled road. Seek Balance. Breathe Deep. Seize the Moment. Eat Well, Be Well. Play Outside. Create. Dive In.

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Morning Milking

  Photo Credit:  Caleb Snobl The sweet smell of warm milk mingles with the sharpness of manure and straw.  The damp earth releases moisture as my feet press into it.  The quiet around me is dotted with notes of songbirds calling out to one another.  The air is usually cool, but today it is more…

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Medicinal Properties of Wild Strawberries 

Many of the foods we eat are medicinal.  It is my belief that Food is Medicine.  Every bite and swallow that we imbibe in either nourishes and strengthens the body, mind, and spirit, or in the case of processed, industrialized, or junk food, it harms, depletes, and overloads the body’s systems.  Wild and foraged food,…

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A quick update on the 2016 Food Revolution Summit. IT.  IS.  AMAZING. Pure and simple, I am blown away by the vast amount of knowledge and empowerment that this summit is bringing forth.  It is nothing short of revolutionary, even for someone like me, who feels pretty well read and informed. I have been studying…

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“Blessings keep our awareness of life’s holy potential ever present.  They awaken us to our lives…..with each blessing uttered we extend the boundaries of the sacred and ritualize our love of life.  One hundred times a day, everywhere we turn, everything we touch, everyone we see.  The blessings can be whispered.  No one even need hear.  No one but the Holy One.  ‘Holy One of blessing, Your presence fills the Universe, Your presence fills me.’ “

~excerpt from One Thousand Gifts Devotional, by Ann Voskamp

The Homemade Homestead Apothecary~ Tea Love

Making tea is a wonderful start on your path to herbal healing and wellness. Tea can be a wonderful soother for a busy, stressful days.  Making ‘tea time’ a family tradition is a wonderful way to include the kiddos, as is learning, gathering, growing, blending and preparing herbs and herb for tea. The boys love to blend their favorites.  Their…

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The Homemade Homestead Apothecary

The time is upon us to take back our health and wellbeing. The call is out there, I hear it on the wind and in my heart to share what I have learned, and continue to learn about caring for and healing our bodies, our hearts, and those of our families. The Homemade Homestead Apothecary is a…

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Kale Chips

Kale in last summer’s homestead garden Happy Spring! My body is just a hollerin’ for some springtime food.  The sun is shining, days are longer, and I NEED veggies!!!  The big bag of kale has been calling my name at our local grocery store, so I went in to get one and they were all out!  Just…

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